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Top 5 Things To Look In Tour Guide

Be it a short trip or a long vacation;the escape should be the one which is worth-cherishing for a lifetime. The inquisition of how to get this done remains unanswered. Rejoinder for this will be having a Tour Guide to be your guiding spirit for the trip. Not just the knowledge but the professionalism of the guides keeps intact the interest of tourists. Get the hands of the Best Tour Guide in Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur to have an acquaintance with the heritage of the cities. But, are you uncertain about how to choose the perfect tour guide? Here we have got you covered. Check for the skills mentioned below to have the best tourism experience.

Passion for Exploring

It is rightly said that when you do the work passionately, it no longer remains just a job, but an interest. Look if the tour guide has the passion for taking you through the exploring journey of the destination. A passionate guide will make your trip lively, which will not be found in a guide who is doing it only as a job.

Experience Counts!

Having passion without experience is like a half-baked cake. The qualifications, along with experience delve in the managerial and engaging qualities in a tour guide. If you are planning to visit a city like Agra, seek for the Best Tour Guide in Agra with years of experience as the city has a lot to offer which can be missed without having the detailed information about it.


The Guide Should not Just be a Good Orator, But Also a Good Listener!

Having good oratory skills make a good tour guide, but possessing good listening skills as well makes a great tour guide. The guide should not only stick to the itineraries but should also keep an ear to what the tourists are saying.

Friendliness and Hospitability

The Tour Guides should be welcoming in nature to make the tourists feel at rest in being away from their comfort zone. The element of friendship makes a trip enjoyable and thrilling. Choose the guide after perceiving their engaging qualities with the tourists.

Safety and Security

Check for the guide to be safe and reputed while you are on a trip. The guides should hold the credibility of representing an entire place and should always be careful regarding the dignity of the tourists.

Plan a trip with the Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur Tour Package from Treasure Trip India and have your guarding spirit as the Best Tour Guide in Jaipur, Agra, and Delhi. Experience the comfort of a companion!