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Agra: The City Of Monuments and Mystique

Agra is a special place for those who love to explore the historical influences by traveling. It is a famous destination as it is home to iconic monuments and vibrant culture that has roots in the distant past. If you are an avid traveler and wish to explore Agra then the Same Day Agra Tour Package from Treasure Trip India is the ideal option for you. Agra was called Arya Griha which translates to the home to the Aryans. A famous geographer known as Ptolemy gave the name of this city as Agra. It is very common to think of the glorious Taj Mahal when talking of Agra. The Mughal king Shah Jahan had built the mausoleum in memory of his beloved queen Mumtaz Mahal. The construction of this masterpiece cost more than 30 crores in the Indian currency value of that time. This amount equals to more than 100 million dollars today.

The grandeur of Taj Mahal and Agra Fort

The monument is amazingly symmetric and comprises crystals brought from China, coal from Arabs diamonds from Panna and sandstones from Fatehpur Sikri. The composition of this memorial showcases the genius of the artisans that makes it slightly resistant to earthquakes. From a theoretical calamity point of view, the pillars would fall farther from the tomb, which will keep the damage at bay. The male tomb is slightly larger than the female tomb. Treasure Trip India’s Agra Tour Package will give you loads of entertainment and provide a learning experience. The other attraction is the Agra fort. It is also called the sister sibling of the Taj Mahal. Built as a royal residence by the emperor Akbar today the Agra fort fascinates millions all over the globe. The massive structure made in red sandstone is sometimes called a red fort of Agra.

The complex architecture and skill of Artisans

Now, this magnificent fort serves as a museum that features some of the rarest royal collections from that time. The Itmad-Ud-Daula’s tomb is another historic jewel of Agra that captivates the tourists. It is also called the Mini Tajmahal. It has a fantastic architecture that showcases the complexity of the skill of the artisans from that time. These magnificent places with exquisite architecture attract countless tourists, and there is always an air of wonder surrounding this place. Everyone who visits is in complete awe and amazed at the artistic architectural creations from the past. You cannot afford to miss the one day Agra tour opportunity from Treasure Trip India for exploring the best of the city.

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