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What are the best markets to explore in Delhi Agra Tour Package?

Agra is best known for its wonder of the world Taj Mahal, and to deliver a monumental experience for its visitors. But, behind the architectural beauty of the city, there are places to go on a traditional and local shopping spree, which can be covered in one day tour packages. Be it the souvenirs or the artistic marble work, you can explore almost all of it in a same day Agra tour. The most famous thing to shop is bric-a-brac, which is a small replica of the Taj Mahal. The place is famous for its sweet delicacies known as “petha”, which also widely shopped when a person is on a visit to the city of Agra. Given below is a checklist to be done while you are on the  Delhi Agra Tour Package in terms of shopping.

Sadar Bazaar

One of the most famous markets for shopping leather goods and savoring some lip-smacking delicacies is the Sadar Bazaar, which resides near the Agra Cantt Railway Station. Various cafes like Café Coffee Day is situated in the market and one can get craftwork, garments, leather products, all at one place, which is beneficial if you have got One Day Tour Packages.

Raja Ki Mandi Bazaar

The market is well-known for its crowd, and has a railway station besides, which also shares the same name, Raja Ki Mandi Railway Station. Here one can bargain to half prices for the goods, and one of the most famous are the trendy bags that are available in the markets. And for all you ladies out there, the market has a good collection of stilettoes to search through on a same day Agra tour.

Shahganj Market

This market is a purely local market, which resides in the old and crowded areas of Agra city. The size and quality of the market have grown over the years, and is now famous for its sarees and fabric pieces of various kinds. Shahganj market offers the best deals on good quality products and is a must-visit in a Delhi Agra Tour Package.

Shoe Market

The area where the market is situated is known as Hing ki Mandi and is well known for its wide range of shoes, especially the leather ones at reasonable prices. You should avoid driving your vehicle in the area, as it is highly crowded, but a visit is worth it if you are getting some good footwear.

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