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Come Jaipur: The Heart of Cultures and Heritage

Jaipur is a city that is a blend of cultures and traditions from the past. It has several historic memorials and forts that showcase the glory of the rulers who lived here. It is also known as the desert city of India and also is known as the pink city. There are numerous attractions in Jaipur that fascinate tourists from all across the world. Treasure Trip offers a  Jaipur Tour Package for you to experience the city of heritage. You can continue to read the best location in Jaipur that will make your trip completely worth it.

Gorgeous and Scenic palaces

The city is booming with vibrancy and is an intriguing touring destination. The amber fort and palace is nothing but extraordinary, from afar it looks like a fairy-tale castle straight out of the novels. The nearby water bodies add to its glory. At sunrise, this palace looks stunning as the low-intensity light of the sun casts an orange tinge on the yellow-colored walls of the castle. It was the home to the Rajput rulers, it has breath-taking scenery, and the halls along with gardens add to its splendor. Many workshops get held here. The intricate mirror work is praiseworthy and laudable. Treasure Trip. The Hawa Mahal is another compelling draw that captivates the tourists from all corners of the world. Its architecture is complex and features attractive deep orange as its primary color.

The gorgeous blue tint of the windows gives it a luxurious look. The white outlines provide detailing and contouring all over the palace. The Hawa Mahal looks enchanting in the evening time. The pink tone of the sky blends well with the orange tone of the palace giving it a shadowy look. At night tourists gather to watch the radiance of the lights of this palace, making it look like a majestic piece of architectural art.

The wonder of Jantar Mantar

The Jantar Mantar observatory is an exciting place to visit; it has 14 structures that measure time and anticipate the moment of the eclipse. These instruments also calculate the position of stars. Several tourists swarm around these famous places in Jaipur to get a glimpse of the culture associated with the city. Treasure Trip India offers  Jaipur One Day Tour Package for the tourists who wish to explore more of this great city in less time. Several other packages are available at competitive rates to give you exceptional travel experience.