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Common and Exotic Indian Fruits to relish

India is a land of diversity not only in strict terms of its heterogenous population entangled in multitude of identity patterns but also in terms of its geographical, climatological, and resource availability dimensions.

The dynamicity of weather conditions, soil orientations and wind motions give rise to a whole bunch of different food habits and fruit items consumed throughout the length and breadth of the nation.

However there is a certain degree of convergence experienced in case of fruits which are relished throughout the country. We here at Treasure Trip India bring to you a

List of famous & Common Indian Fruits to Relish

1. Oranges - Nagpur (Maharashtra)

Oranges  are known throughout the country and even abroad for their juicy taste, tangy aroma and crunchy texture, they are a major export source for India.

2. Nanjanagud Banana – Kerela

Chamarajanagar district of Karnataka and Mysore are well known for growing Nanjanagud Banana. Rich in taste and color, this topical plant grows well in this area due to its unique soil condition.

3. Allahabad Surkha Guava – Uttar Pradesh

This breed of guava is rich green in color with a soft pink on the inside. It is very soft and crunchy at the same time. This is a major source of potassium and sodium.

4. Litchis – Assam

Some of the country’s most scrumptious litchis are found in Tezpur (Assam). Due to its favorable weather conditions Assam is known for these crunchy and fruitful litchis that are popular among localities as well as foreigners.

5. Mangoes – Gujarat

Mango being popularly known as the National fruit of India, this variant is one of the most expensive out of all the others available. Found in the foothills of Girnar this mango is something worth trying.

6. Strawberries – Mahabaleshwar

These beautiful red strawberries are popular for their juiciness and texture and are worth a try. Being a little on the exotic side these are not cost-effective, but once in a while they are a must taste.

7. Grapes- Nashik

Known as the grape capital of the country, these grapes are quite different from the normal grapes due to their relatively larger size, crispened nature and moist taste.

8. Pomegranate – Solapur

These are large red almost circular fruit embedded with little dark red crystals, which are extremey high on iron and taste as well. Due to their rich quality the government of India has given them GI tag.

9. Custard Apple

Beed - Commonly known as sitaphal in India, Bedd Custard Apple grows well in the Beed district of Maharashtra. This is one of the most famous Indian fruits that has a huge demand for productivity.

10. Cashew Nut – Vengurla

Among the list of famous Indian fruits comes the name of Vengurla cashew that is grown in the Vengurla town that has an excellent taste and often imported outside India for its quality.

Exotic Fruits Of India

There are certain fruits grown in India which are of exotic nature, due to their low production in India, which ultimately makes them costly and beyond the reach of a larger section of society. However, being a website which caters to the need to International audience as well let us discuss the names of 10 major exotic fruits in India.

1. Jungli Jalebi

These are spiral shaped green – pink pods with a thick pulp enveloping black seeds. This fruit is very beneficial for tuberculosis, toothache and ulcer treatment.

They are available in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Kerala.

2. Carambola (Starfruit)

These are rich waxy covering fruits with seeds. The green ripened ones are mainly used as pickles while the yellow ones with slightly brown ribs can be taken as salads with black salt. They are rich in potassium and Vitamin C and low on sodium, sugar and acids.

3. Buddhas Fingers

This exotic fruit looks like a lumpy lemon with elongated, yellow tentacles resembling gnarled human fingers. The fruit is aromatic and has a mild and zesty flavor.

Some scholars believe that India’s migrating Buddhist monks carried the fruit with them to China in 400 AD.

4. Langsat

Translucent orb shaped fruits cultivated costly in South and East India, are rich in carbohydrates, minerals and Vitamin A.

5. Mangosteen

This is the national fruit of Thailand, with a dark purple covering having a snow white interior. It is very low on fats and high on fiber. They are also very effective for curing Alzheimer’s.

6. Japani Phal

This is a native fruit of China, with red luscious pulp. This was introduced in India by Europeans in 20th It is rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

7. Ambarella (Indian Hog Plum)

Also called wild mango, a ripe ambarella has the puckering acidity of an unripe mango and the gentle sweetness of pineapple. It is usually eaten as a pickle.

8. Ice Apple

These are zinc rich fruits with dark brown exterior and white jelly interior. They are also a major source of phosphorous.

They are good for weight loss and also very beneficial for pregnant women.

9. Phalsa ( Indian Sherbet berries)

These are a perfect blend of Vitamin A and Vitamin C with a sweetish and sour taste.

10. Karonda (Carandas Cherry)

The flesh of the unripe fruits is delicious, and when ripe they act as a good substitute for cranberries. The fruits are commonly used in jams and sweet pickles. Grown in the Siwalik Hills of Bihar and West Bengal, the Western Ghats and the Nilgiris Hills.


Lastly we can say that fruits are a part of basic balanced diet and should be consumed on regular basis for maintaining good health. And India is a home to exotic as well as native fruits which must be relished and promoted.