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Experience the Cultural Trinity of Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur

Traveling is the soul’s desire to explore and learn about existence. Countless people travel every year to get a much-needed break from their daily lives. If you have been planning to experience something unique, then there is no better place than India. The country has numerous destinations that come with an exotic flavor of their own. The cities of Agra and Jaipur make for a fantastic getaway spot for you to lose yourself and let loose in the shimmering aura of these colorful towns brimming with diverse heritage and traditions. If you have been searching for Delhi Agra Jaipur tour package on the web, then you have hit the right mark.

Tour the Cities at Your Pace

The city of Jaipur is filled with grandeur, it is known as pink city of India, the moment one enters the city, they can feel a specific vibe of deep-rooted cultural influence that has its origins in the city’s magnificent historical era. The architecture of the city will fascinate you; it will feel a bit like you are time-traveling into the glorious medieval period. It is ideal to opt for car rental Jaipur services to experience the city’s cultural opulence at your own pace. There are plenty of stories associated with the monuments in Agra such as the wondrous Taj Mahal which is considered one of a kind.

It was created by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan who wanted to commemorate his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal. The myths associated with these marvels have bewitched the tourists from ages and still continue to do so to this day. The phenomenal masterwork of architecture is swarmed by pools of tourists who come to get a personal taste of its splendor. 

Mesmerizing Stories and Myths

You can get a similar experience by booking for an Agra Tour package with Treasure Trip India. The government of India has also taken quality measures to maintain the beauty of these iconic structures. You will experience the timelessness associated with these cities. The incredible colossal statue of Qutub Minar has always enamored the tourists into asking the locals for its history. They have got plenty of riveting responses that have left them spellbound by the myths linked with these creations.

Another remarkable historic monument is the Red Fort in Delhi, which not only has a fantastic structure all built-in sandstone but features some of the best work done by extremely skilled artisans of that time. Make sure your trip ends with the appetizing, delectable food from the local shops. You will remember the taste for a long time even after years!

Exploring the lesser-known wonders of the ‘Golden Triangle’

If you want some chills down your spine, then nothing can be better than experiencing the extravaganza of touring Delhi, Jaipur and Agra combined with the visit of the opulent Amber fort, Nahaagarh Fort, The City Palace, Albert Museum, Stone Observatory etc in Jaipur, along with strolling through its vibrant markets.

Post that you can visit Agra, to cherish the sunset view at the Mehtab Bagh, getting in awe of the beauty at Sikandara, Agra Fort and of course The Taj, at the same time enjoying its lip smacking local delights. And then you can head to the National Capital to live the vibrancy of India at once.

The charms of Old Delhi like the Jama Masjid, Raj Ghat and the Red Fort. This can be followed by a cultural walk through the old city which is also ideal for some pocket-friendly shopping. Finally you can confluence your visit by capturing the postcard beauty of the Qutub Minar and the Humayun Tomb.