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Golden Triangle of India – A Complete Guide

Golden Triangle route of India is a very famous tourist circuit, which includes Delhi, the capital of India; Agra, which is also known as the Taj city as it is home of the beautiful and worldly recognized Taj Mahal; and last but not the least, Jaipur which is known as the Pink city of India; this city has also the title of UNESCO World Heritage Site. Because these three places make the formation of a triangle on the map hence this circuit got a triangle in its name. The word Golden describes the richness of culture, traditions, and the diversity that these three places possess. Hence, it is a Golden Triangle.

Best time to visit: September – March

Budget Required: Starts from $168*

Time Required:  Minimum 2 Nights and 3 Days

Places Covered: Delhi-Agra-Jaipur

Pre Planned Packages:

Destination 1: Delhi

The journey usually starts from Delhi as the flights majorly land at the Delhi Airport and so obviously it becomes quite feasible to make it as a starting point. Delhi, being the capital of India; has very much to offer to its visitors. From beautiful architectures including Red Fort, which was built back in 1639 but it still plays a prominent role in India’s Politics;  Qutub Minar, which is World’s tallest brick minaret; India Gate, to feel the patriotism and calmness at the same time; Humayun’s Tomb which is the first garden-tomb of the Indian subcontinent; to the spiritual encounters at Akshardham Temple which also made to the Guinness book of the world record for the World’s Largest Temple Complex, Jama Masjid which can accommodate around 25,000 people at the same; Lotus Temple, which is one of the seven Bahai’s house of worship in the world and of course some mouth-watering cuisine. Delhi serves as an amazing starting point for an extraordinary journey of exploration.

Destination 2: Agra

The next part of this Golden Triangle tour is Agra, the Taj City which is approximately 230 km from Delhi and is a very-very smooth ride; if you take the Yamuna Expressway. Agra is one of those cities of India that experiences the major footfall of the tourists and the reason for this is, it is home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World: Taj Mahal; the symbol of Love; the beautiful white marble architecture giving all the justice to its name which translates as the “crown of palaces”. So, you definitely know what not to miss at all while visiting this city, the other must-visit architectures involve Tomb of Itmad ud Daula, which is also referred as the Baby Taj; Agra Fort which is one of the finest Mughal Architectures;  And yes,  If you are into photography or want to capture the best of Taj mahal in your backdrop or want to seize its beauty at the sunsets then you must visit Mehtab bagh; one of the last Mughal Styled Garden, which serves as the perfect place to spend your evenings and is best for some romantic getaway with the perfect view of The Taj. While being in Agra don’t miss the work of the craftsmanship in the form Zardozi which is the artform of heavy and detailed embroidery with the threads of gold and silver incorporating different kinds of precious stones; and Marble Inlay Workshops. Both art forms have their roots way back from the Mughal era. Not just the craftsmanship of the Mughals, Agra also serves you some of the mouth-watering Mughal delicacies that will absolutely satisfy your taste buds.

Destination 3: Jaipur

From here we head towards the third and our final destination of this Golden Triangle Route: Jaipur, and as already mentioned, it is known as Pink City because you will witness that most of the walls of the buildings are pink in color. The distance between Agra and Jaipur is again around 230 km. Enroute Jaipur,  you must stop to explore Fatehpur Sikri which is around 40 km from Agra, Fatehpur Sikri was the capital of Mughal Empire for nearly 10 years, but later it was left abandoned. Since then, the remains of the beautiful architecture standstill in its full glory with beautiful tales of history.

After taking the glimpses of the beauty of Mughal Architecture; You will witness the royalty of Rajputs, here in Jaipur. One of the most famous tourist attraction here is Amer Fort, this majestic fort took nearly 100 years to be built completely and inside, it also has Sheesh Mahal, translated as the Palace of Mirrors, built in such a manner that when even a single candle is lit inside then by the reflections caused by the various mirrors used in the architecture on the ceilings and the wall, illuminates the whole area and the ceiling looks like the little stars shining on it. You must also witness Hawa Mahal, translated as Palace of Winds, it has the total of 953 windows in the five-story building; Jantar Mantar which is an Astronomical Observatory with the collection of 19 architectural astronomical instruments and the World’s Largest Stone Sundial. Jal Mahal translated as Water Palace. The unique thing that you must explore here is jewelry and handicrafts, the markets are so so colorful with such pretty things all around you’ll absolutely adore. And of course another not to miss thing is the traditional cuisine of this place, the diversity doesn’t restrict itself to the cultures of these three places but it can be clearly tasted in their food. The flavours are different but equally satisfying for your taste buds.

NOTE: The places that are mentioned here are just a few of the many gems that all of these places have to offer. The exploration completely depends on the time that you spend on the Golden Triangle of India. The more, the better to get the best of everything.