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New Delhi: Top Reasons to Visit New Delhi

Delhi is a wonderful place to tour due to its compelling history rich in cultural heritage and traditions. It boasts some of the best historical marvels that date back to the medieval centuries. If you have been searching for Delhi Tour Package, then you have come to the right place. People from all over the world visit Delhi to experience this city in its unique colors. There are many reasons why you should plan your trip to Delhi. From monuments to shopping to appetizing cuisines to interacting with the locals, you will never feel bored for a moment. The bustle of the city is bound to keep you engaged.

The Iconic beauty of temples

Delhi is home to some of the most beautiful architecture in the world. The lotus temple is an architectural hallmark of excellence. The temple is shaped like a lotus and exudes peaceful vibes spread throughout it’s surrounding areas. Visitors are left in awe upon reaching this serene temple. Many have experienced inner silence and peace of mind, while others are fascinated by its charming aura. Another interesting monument is the magnificent Qutub Minar which allures the tourists due to its tall grandeur. The high stature of it has attracted people from all over the globe. This phenomenal monument features some of the most exquisite medieval architecture you will ever come across. This minaret has stood the test of time and goes to show the architectural excellence of that era.

Plenty of sightseeing

One of the most iconic temples in Delhi is the Akshardham Temple that features intricate and complex designs. People gather to this grand temple to seek blessings of the divine and also get mesmerized by it’s larger than life appearance. The levels of details in its composition will leave you in admiring awe. This temple has all the features to make a lasting impression on your mind. The gorgeous pink stones and white marbles with a beautiful garden can make your trip well worth it. The Humayun tomb has an astonishing design that makes it a popular tourist place in Delhi. It is a well-known fact that the tomb of Humayun has served as an inspiration for building the Taj Mahal. The tourists have appreciated the fine craftsmanship of the artisans. There is a small museum near the entry gate that features some of the finest historical treasures from that era.

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