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Secrets to experience when on a Vacation to Taj Mahal

India is a land of beauty, it is one of those places which has a cosmology, ethics, myths, fantasies, traditions and culturally laden history. The three primary cities which one absolutely cannot miss on his/her journey to this abode of amazement are – Agra, Jaipur and Delhi.

Treasure Trip India brings you the kaleidoscopic picture of this Golden Triangle, and undeniably what stands first in his hierarchical variability is Agra: the home of The Taj!

In the previous article we had discussed the reasons Why Taj Mahal is must visit once in life, now in this post we would love to present before you the secrets to experience when on a vacation to Taj Mahal.

Secrets to Experience on Taj Mahal Vacation

It becomes almost irresistible not to visit the epitome of love Taj Mahal, once in your lifetime. Being the best example of grandeur, it never ceases to amaze the visitors.

And, being so close to Delhi, there are several Taj Mahal Tour from Delhi which you can book to enjoy the Vacation to Taj Mahal.

The monument holds the mausoleum of the Mughal lovebirds Emperor Shah Jahan and his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal, who was the reason behind such a structure getting made.

Having the history told to the world, there are still multiple aspects which are not known to all. You can even go for a One Day Tour to Taj Mahal to witness its untold story.

Taj Mahal is the hub of Optical Illusions

When you would expect the Taj Mahal to enlarge as you move close to it then, it will showcase the proportionate tricks of the craftsmen by making it appear to shrink or getting small in size. Also, the minarets are built slightly outward with a brilliant thought of saving the monument from damage in case of an earthquake.

Its oddly satisfying symmetry

Taj Mahal is the zenith of the architectural style of the Mughals. One of your reasons to have a Vacation to Taj Mahal is the symmetry of the monument defined in the doctrines. If you are on a One Day Tour to Taj Mahal, you should see the reflection of the main monument in the central pool, the gardens being perfectly divided into the quadrants. It is believed that ShahJahan was never meant to be buried there due to the distorted placement of his cenotaph.

The changing colours of the Taj Mahal

Plan a Taj Mahal Tour from Delhi to experience the changing hues of the monument and capture its beauty with its appearance changing with the colours. While being a blend of a tint of grey and pink during sunrise, it appears the perfect white at noon and a mixture of yellow and orange at the time of sunset.

The Persian Calligraphy

The mausoleum of the Taj Mahal is very largely decorated with floral motifs, mostly engraved in marble or pietra dura, a technique of stone marquetry. But we cannot miss the splendid inscriptions in Arabic seems it, inscriptions that run around the iwans (these porches broad traditional Persian architecture).

There are also on the entrance gate of the gardens, and on the cenotaphs of Shah Jahan and his wife for whom was built the monument, Mumtaz Mahal.

These verses are written in the text is written in a language close to the 'Thuluth', a style associated in particular with the Persian calligrapher Amanat Khan who resided at the Mughal court and who was responsible for making the calligraphy of the entire Taj Mahal.

His signature appears besides many times in the marble. Historian Wayne Begley suggests, relatively recently, that Amanat Khan was responsible not only for the practical design of the script, but also for the choice of texts. Most of the texts come from the Koran.

There are twenty-two passages in all, including fourteen entire chapters, some of which are read as part of Islamic funeral ceremonies. The chosen texts generally refer to themes of the judgment and reward of the faithful, with their entries to Paradise.

Moreover, the inscription on the entrance gate of the gardens of the Taj Mahal invites the reader to enter Paradise, the home of the faithful and the reward for the righteous.

Its presence on the gateway to gardens is not trivial because gardens are a representation of Paradise according to Islam, especially that of the Taj Mahal.

The mesmerizing view of the Yamuna

When one reaches the top of the Taj Mahal, one can see the wonderful view of the river Yamuna with all its majesty and glory.

The view of the Taj is reflected is in the waters of the Yamuna. Although this scenic beauty has got a little distorted due to the pollution in the river, but the authorities are actively looking into this matter.

Finalize your Vacation to Taj Mahal and book your Taj Mahal Tour from Delhi with the affordable and best-suited packages from Treasure Trip India. And, we have also got your time constraint covered with our One Day Tour to TajMahal, because we do not want you to stay away from experiencing the best of the country!

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