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The Delicacies you will love with the One Day Tour Package

Who said you cannot buy happiness when you can definitely buy food to satisfy your craving for delectable dishes in Delhi. India is known to be the land of diverse cultures and talking about the country’s capital Delhi; the city is famous not only for its historical legacy but also for the food extravaganza it offers. Savor the delicacies famous around the world for their taste on your trip with Delhi Tour Packages. You can explore the street food in your Delhi One Day Tour Packages.  Make your One Day Tour Packages complimentary of the affluent taste of the lip-smacking snacks and meals.

Paranthe, of course, because we have an entire street named after the dish

Not just in Delhi, but in the entire country, Parantha has been the breakfast king. The people of Delhi love the taste of Parantha so much that ‘Paranthe Wali Gali’ is named after it. The street is full of varieties of Parantha and is sure to strike your taste buds. The stuffing goes a long way from potatoes, cauliflowers, carrots, and even eggs and bananas. Your Delhi One Day Tour Package is incomplete without tasting them.

Chole Bhature, always with an add-on

Being authentically a Punjabi dish, Chole Bhature in Delhi is served with tingling flavors and sweet buttermilk. From small stalls to high-end restaurants, Chole Bhature remains the most satisfying dish for the appetite and cravings. If there is this one dish to be definitely tried in a One Day Tour Packages, it should be Chole Bhature.

The famous snack of Papdi Chaat

Not one, but multiple, Papdi Chaat will strike each of your taste buds. A single morsel of it will trigger the sweet, sour, tangy, spicy, creamy, and every other check of the taste bud palette. The Delhi Tour Packages will be a delight when you see the blend of tangy curd, munchies, and various chutneys melting in your mouth.

Ram Laddoo, a sweet dish or savory?

Delhi never fails to surprise its visitors, and Laddoo being one of the most famous sweet dishes of the country, gives us a hint of the dish being on the sweeter side. But, keeping the surprise factor intact, Ram Laddoo is a savory dish coming from the genre of fritters. A must try with the spicy green chutney.

Get your Delhi Tour Packages booked with Treasure Trip India to enjoy the capital city from every nook and corner. The Delhi One Day Tour Package will be a delightful experience in terms of trips and food as well. Make your One Day Tour Package, a lip-smacking one with Delhi-cacies!