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The Reasons to go for Golden Triangle India

Travelling is one such source that opens your mind with a more comprehensive perspective, and especially if you are planning to travel to a country like India. It can be, at times, overwhelming to see such a diverse culture and heritage of the cities of India. The traditions, language, and cuisines change in the span of miles. Talking about the Golden Triangle India, the cities of Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur are the ones forming this highly diverse yet modern travel circuit in India. The Golden Triangle Tour from Delhi will take you through the best of what the trio has to offer you.  Here is an entire checklist of why you should go for the Golden Triangle Tour Packages.

The all-inclusive package

The Golden Triangle India is filled with sumptuous attractions, but none of them are alike or the ones to be given less attention to. The tour is comprehensive with showcasing you the difference of cultures, food, architecture, and language in just three connected cities.

The information-enhancing tour

The Golden Triangle Tour from Delhi can prove to be a boon in increasing your information about ancient Indian history, the style of architecture, the backdrops of the construction of the marvels, and much more. Witness how Indian history has shown its impact over the world.

The lip-smacking delicacies

The Indian cuisine is not just rich in taste, but very rich in a variety of food as well. Be it the Kachoris of Agra, the desserts of Delhi or the Lal Maas of Jaipur, the dishes of the three different cultures are sure to strike each of your taste buds.

The hospitality of the country

India sticks to its belief of “Atithi Devo Bhava,” which can be very well experienced in the initial stage of going for the Golden Triangle Tour Packages where the drivers taking you to the destinations will give you all the respect and friendliness to make you comfortable throughout the trip, and as the tour grows, you will see the locals being highly welcoming and interactive.

The hub of shopping

The Golden Triangle Tour from Delhi will be a perfect escape for a shopaholic. Start your shopping in the local markets of Delhi or go for the high-end brands as well. Get your souvenirs from Agra, and grab the best leather goods. Satisfy your craving for some bright and authentic hand-woven prints on bags, footwear, clothes, and find the trendy oxidized jewelry.

Book your Golden Triangle Tour Packages now with Treasure Trip India, to delve in a comprehensive tour of the circuit, while enjoying the affordable priced Golden Triangle India packages. Begin your journey of diversity!