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When you talk about Delhi, you speak about History!

Delhi, one of the largest growing metropolises, has the most ancient stories residing in it. When we talk about the city, we cannot stay away from talking about history. Even the Golden Triangle Tour from Delhi is initiated, as well as the Same Day Agra Tour from Delhi starts because this is the center of the Golden Triangle India. Having a vibrant present is not just what Delhi has; the history of the place is showcased vividly by the monuments situated there.

Lotus Temple
The Lotus Temple is known to be the most serene place in Delhi, which welcome the people from all religions and faiths. With the principles of peace and acceptance, the temple has 40 million visitors since its completion in 1986. The temple is bounded by nine gates, vibrant blue pools, and walkways. The visitors enter a 130 feet high gathering space, having the capacity of 2,500 people. The temple stands as one of the major attractions of the Golden Triangle Tour from Delhi.

Qutub Minar
Qutub Minar in itself comprises of the Quwwat-ul-Islam mosques, Alai Darwaza, Alai Minar, Iron Pillar, and Ala-ud-din’s madrasa and tomb. The minaret is the tallest brick minaret symbolizing the victory of Mughals. The minaret has five stories with a spherical staircase comprising of 397 steps. The division of floors goes by as the first three storey are made of red sandstone, the fourth one with marble and the fifth with marble and sandstone. No wonders about the number of tourists visiting the tower while taking the Same Day Agra Tour from Delhi.

Akshardham Temple
The temple is said to be the largest Hindu temple complex in India. The history of the temple is reflecting the 10,000 years of the spirituality and architecture of Hinduism till date. The temple encompasses 200 sculpted figures of sages and monks, and an intricate garden in the form of Lotus. The Guinness Book of World Record has a place for this temple to be the largest comprehensive Hindu temple. Being in the city of Golden Triangle India, the place is loved by tourists choosing the Same Day Agra Tour from Delhi.

If you are planning to visit India, set out for the Golden Triangle Tour from Delhi, to witness the above mentioned historical grandeurs with Treasure Trip India. Delhi will have your heart with its blend of modernity and history and will enhance your experience of visiting the Golden Triangle India.