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Why Vacation to India should be on everyone’s list?

When you think about India, the first thing that is ought to strike your mind is the diverse cultures changing possibly every 10 miles. Everyone has a mental image of how Taj Mahal would look but, on a  Vacation to India, when you will be a spectator then you would know the feel to be mesmerizing. And, if you are worried about the hassles of planning the trip then, India Tour Packages will rescue you from that. Also, if you want to capture the different hues of sunsets, varied architecture, colorful cultures all at once then, book a Golden Triangle India Tour Package as it will take you through the cities of Delhi, Jaipur, and Agra. Now, here are a few reasons why India is a place that should be on your vacation list.

You get the tastiest food no matter where you are

India is also the land of diversified cuisines and need not worry about the food lacking the proper taste and flavor. And, there is no monotony in the food, every street of every city that you explore with your  India Tour Packages is sure to give you a new burst of flavors. From the spicy and flavorful curries in North India to the delicious authentic South Indian dishes, from the sweet touch in the dishes of West to the variety of dishes in East, India never ceases to amaze its tourists in terms of food.

The land of landmarks

The magnificent grandeur of India gives its highest share to the historical and monumental landmarks. One gets to be a spectator of the most diversified form of architecture in India, be it the influence of Mughal or Rajputs in regard to architecture. And, a Golden Triangle India Tour Package is the best to experience the grandeur of landmarks in India.

The diverse culture

There is no exaggeration when someone says that India in itself is an entirely different world. Be it the busy streets of the metropolis or the splendid variety of festivals, be it the spiritual indulgence or the offbeat experiences, India has everything on the table for you. Your Vacation to India will be no less than a beautiful experience of sumptuous cultures.

Make Treasure Trip India your devisor for the India Tour Packages to let you have a hassle-free experience when you are on a Vacation to India. And, to experience it all in a go,  Golden Triangle India Tour Package will be the perfect rebuttal by taking you around the 3 diversified cities of the country.