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Live The Diverse And Deep-Rooted Heritage Of Jaipur And Agra

Live The Diverse And Deep-Rooted Heritage Of Jaipur And Agra

Indian culture is a phenomenon in itself. It is a blend of various dynasties that have had the impact and collectively contributed to the Indian heritage. The city of Jaipur is one of the most beautiful destinations for tourists all across the globe. The magnificent palaces in Jaipur are a wonderful sight to behold. There are many fascinating stories related to these palaces which you can enjoy hearing from the locals by opting for the Jaipur one day tour from Treasure Trip India. The city offers a lovely experience for travelers enriched with diverse ethnic heritage and Rajasthani food. The Hawa mahal, in particular, is a fantastic palace which was built by the royal kings for their queens to enjoy the blowing breeze in the summer times.

Visit History In Real-Time

The beautiful blue colored windows against the orangish-red walls are a spectacular sight to behold for the onlookers. Tourists can also explore the city of Agra that gives ample opportunities for those who wish to experience history in real-time. the iconic taj mahal is a perfect specimen of architectural excellence considering its era. the intricate designs made in the Taj mahal and beautiful assortment of glasses goes to show the technical skill of the artisans from that time. This is further validated by the swarm of tourists that always surrounds this phenomenal monument. For experiencing Agra at your own pace, you can opt for car rental in Agra and explore the city. 

Enchanting Architecture And Ambience

Apart from the grandeur of Tajmahal, you can go to the beautiful Agra Fort, which was the residence of the famous Mughal king Akbar. This fort features some of the best architecture you can find in the whole country. The medieval feel of this palace allures the tourists and transcends time into a different timeline. The fort has now been used as a museum and is home to some of the most precious valuables from that era. Agra never falls short of amusing the tourists, those who want a complete experience of the city like a local can benefit with the best tour guide in Agra from Treasure Trip India for insights and navigation to the places.

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