Many travel agencies, especially niche ones, differentiate themselves by offering unique itineraries with fresh and innovative ideas and curating the best experiences available in their destinations. These can be difficult to find and plan for yourself. Whether these look-like gimmicks or actually enhance your travel experience is something you have to decide when choosing a travel agent.

In today’s digital age, the Internet has changed the face of the travel industry. More and more people are booking flights online, arranging car rentals, and booking hotel rooms online.

However, booking a perfect travel itinerary isn’t easy. Here are certain things to be kept in mind while doing so.

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Is your travel agent effectively troubleshooting issues?

Travel agents act as an important safety net for travel. This is one of the biggest reasons to plan your trip through a travel agency. If you don’t like a particular travel time or airline, ask your travel agent. Can you find an alternative? Can you quickly solve problems such as flight delays and hotel overbooking in times of crisis?

Are the services provided cost-effective?

Cost is another factor when comparing travel agents, and perhaps the most objective way of evaluating them. Travel agents earn their income mainly through commissions. They can offer better prices by sharing a portion of their commission with you or by booking in bulk at a lower price. As for the former, online travel agencies with economies of scale and very thin profit margins. With the advent of over-the-counter (OTA), many offline travel agents may struggle to match prices found online.

How is the excitement going?

Do a little stalking on social media to see if the customer is happy or upset. Check the default response time. Do they have certifications or certifications? Are they seasoned A very important aspect of a good agency is having team members visit destinations and familiarize themselves with the realities of the field? Ask specific questions about local conditions to assess if they understand your local destination.

Innovation and curation?

You don’t want the stress of planning to overtake the original wanderlust that inspired your vacation. Working with a professional travel agent can take the pressure off you and make the whole process more enjoyable.

Moreover, before choosing a travel agent, you should consider the five factors:

• Travel agents must have expertise based on personal travel. One of the reasons for hiring a travel agent is to get expert advice. Ideally, travel agents should base their recommendations on real-life travel experiences rather than what you can read in a brochure. Tip: Asking for customer reviews will show the efficiency and competence of your travel agent. You will be able to understand better.

• They have a tried and tested network of suppliers. A good travel agent will provide a curated list of specific suppliers, hotels and lodges that you can trust to meet your unique expectations.

• They offer you a customized itinerary. The first thing a travel agent should ask is your needs, budget and preferences. This will help them improve their recommendations and create customized itineraries. Tip: A good travel agent will always strive to make sure your itinerary is the right fit for you.

• Travel agents offer the best value at fair prices. If a travel agent is trying to pressure you to book a very cheap rate, stay away. It has more to do with your marketing objectives than your vacation. A good agent will advise you on where to save and where to splurge to maximize your travel budget.

• Get 24/7 support. The travel agency’s job doesn’t end when you pay. A truly good agent will support you from the moment you leave home until you return safe and happy. This is especially important when traveling to complex destinations.

Therefore, one can easily say that one of the best ways to plan out a trip well is by giving adequate time to figure out a good travel agent for the same. Because if this starting point is fixed well, the complete journey can focus on it well.